Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The day has come...

Today I take off for Europe with some friends but I wanted to post one last post before I left wishing my niece a Happy Birthday! I dug up some old photos (some of my first) of her to share. Even as a toddler you can see the princess in her. Oh Mac you are getting so big.

Have a great birthday.

Love your favorite Tia.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

As millions of mothers around the world today are celebrating mothers day, I thought I would talk about my mom. Over the years as my nieces and nephews have increased in numbers, I begin to wonder how my mom ever did it with nine. Yes I said NINE! With that many kids money was aways tight but that didn't stop my mom from finding ways to entertain us. I remember transforming everyday objects into pieces of art and toys. When people ask me about some of the creative things I have come up with over the years I tell them that I learned it all from my mom. She is a talented creative smart woman that I still don't understand how she isn't in a loony house from all her children.

Happy Mothers Day!

Snow? What is the chilly object?

This was the coolest car ever. Look see I am a natural blonde.

She loved to dress us up as kids. Maybe this is why I love Halloween.