Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Long time no see

 100 north carolwood drive (the house that MJ lived in when he passed). You will never be forgotten!

Items from inside the house. A note from Paris to MJ to remember to smile because it is free.Sold for $5000 most likely to a fan.

Youtube of what the showcase looked like.

The auction results.

Christmas 2011


 Visited with the chickens when the came down for a dance road trip.

Looks at this face!

So cute!

 The Monkeys with their crazy friend.
 Olivia and her 3rd birthday. I think she will out grow me by the time she is 12.
 Great job Shy. So proud of you.

 Show me your muscles!
 Thanks for hanging out with me. You guys are the greatest.

 Scottish dancers.

 My crazy aunt and her soon to be husband. I don't have the butt nose but I sure do have a lot of other things in common. So looking forward to the Pyrex.

Catalina Island.  One day I will have to return for a snorkel.