Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LoveBug Portraits and Girls Inc

This past week I was able assist one of my favorite non-profits with photos for their event, Belle of the Ball hosted by Girls Inc. Belle of the Ball helps provide prom dresses and accessories to girls so they can attend prom without the high cost. This was my second year photographing this event and it continues to be a great joy.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Oh please don't feed me cake! If you do, I think I might just cry.

Look here is comes. I told you not to feed me cake.
Oh wait this doesn't seem so bad.

Sorry, mom. I do love cake. I think chocolate is my favorite.
Oh happy day. Drunk with cake love.

Happy Friday!

PS. Give me a moment, and I will have this mess taken care of.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Flat MacKenzie Part 2

Sorry folks for the delay, here is flat Mackenzie part 2!

Flat Mac and I continued our trek through Disneyland. Here she is posing outside the famous Mickey head. Aren't the flowers pretty?

She wouldn't leave without getting her pic taken at the "A" in California.

She never amazed me at how many friends she made that day. He she is with the tram driver. Oh Flat Mac you are such a ham.

She didn't feel like she got to see enough of the park from the ground, so she hoped a ride for a better look out. Can you find Flat Mac?

After all that walking around at Disneyland she began to get hungry again. I took her to my favorite hamburger place. IN N' Out. Yum!

From here Flat Mac could see Balboa Island, where her favorite Tia lives. You will have to ask her about the bed and breakfast she stayed at while on the island.

Flat Mac at the beach, just taking in some sun.

At that sun wore her out so she decided to sit in the shade for awhile.

After a little rest Flat Mac bounced right back and made me a sandcastle.

Here she is trying to get in the tide pools. I don't think Mackenzie told her what would happen if she got wet.

Me teaching Flat Mac about photography and the rule of thirds.

She didn't want to go home so she tried to hide from me in the sand pale.

After the beach Flat Mac kept asking to go swimming so this is what we came up with.

All that swimming made her hungry. Mackenzie told me her favorite dessert is ice cream. I found her outside at my friends house getting into some trouble.

Flat Mac with her newest cousin. Look at the love.

At the long beach airport trying on clothes again while waiting to board the plane.

Flying in style with Jet Blue. She almost fell asleep on the way up.

Once back home in seattle these cuties were there to greet her.

So happy to have Flat Mac back again.

Flat Mac it was a true pleasure to have you come visit me in Southern California. Hope to see you soon.

Love Tia Tanni.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Flat MacKenzie Part 1

A few weeks back my niece sent me her version of Flat Stanley. For those who aren't familiar with Stanley let me give you a little bio. Flat Stanley was created by Dale Hubert in hopes to increase literacy and community building activity for students of all ages, teachers and families. This is done through creating flat versions of themselves and sending them to family members or friends all over the world. The recipient of "Flat Stanley"is record and photograph the adventures and mail them back to the student. I was privileged to not only record flat MacKenzie adventures but to present to MaKenzies 1st grade class.

Over the next few posts I will try to recapture that presentation.

After the long ride in the mail Flat Mac, wanted a bite to eat so I took her to my favorite Taco place, Taco Mesa in Costa Mesa. Yummy tacos! Good thing is was taco tuesday and that tacos were only a dollar because Flat Mac can really eat.

After leaving the rain of Seattle Flat Mac asked to see some Oranges. Flat Mac loves oranges.

Loves the oranges.

I thought would give Flat Mac a little history lesson about the orange fields of Southern California. This is one of the last Orange groves in the City of Orange. Most of the groves have been turned into housing developments and malls.

After the groves, Flat Mac and I went to Disneyland and chatted with the some of the employees. Flat Mac sure does like to talk. She made friends all over the park.

She tried to hop a ride on the monorail, but lucky I caught her before she got past the gates.

Flat Mac being a tourist, she decided to stop and take a picture by the giant legos at Downtown Disney.

I stopped to tie my shoe and before I knew it Flat Mac had run off. I found her climbing a pole. Flat Mac don't you know better.

After I got her down, the alligator tried to have her for dinner!

After I saved her Flat Mac wanted to get her hair fixed, that alligator made a mess out of it. It just happens that the same hair studio that Hanna Montana goes to had an opening.

After getting her hair done, Flat Mac decided to try on some clothes. She is lot like the real MacKenzie in that way, so into fashion.

Next, we went into the Disney store and Mackenzie made friends with all the Mikeys. Here she is trying to hide from me again.

Flat Mac taking a closer look at the castle.

Her she goes again trying on clothes.

You really have to watch out for Flat Mac you never know were she is going to end up.

Stayed turned for part 2!