Friday, March 11, 2011

California Tsunami Threat

As many us now know Japan had a horrible 8.9 earthquake yesterday early evening. Being on the west coast events such as this always seem to make there way over in some form of warning or alert. This morning I woke-up to news reports of the West Coast was at an alerted tsunami state. After hearing this news I do what any photographer does, grab the camera and head to the source of the "action".

After getting several phone calls from friends and family to get my first hand account of the alert, I headed to Balboa Pier.


I took the ferry across and everything seemed like a normal slow going morning at the beach. I had a little chat with some ferry workers while digging for some money and they didn't seem to have any worries about getting across. Just another day at work for them.

The Newport Beach showed up to make sure no one did anything stupid. Pretty quiet, he didn't even leave his van.

There was a barrier setup to keep people from the end of the pier. No chance of getting breakfast at Ruby's this morning.

Lifeguards out doing their thing.

I think this was a news copper.

Nice guy out taking pictures. Can't remember his name but he was nice to look at.

Tsunami waves?

Before you knew it, families were out on the beach playing with the kids.

Some more guys I met while waiting. The guy in the beard, is from Holland.

This guy had the right idea.

Overall it was just another morning at the beach.