Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yes another chair

Modern wing back chair take two.

A few months back I picked up another chair of craigslist and after visiting several fabric stores and a trip to the garment district in LA I knew the fabric I selected at was the right one for the job. Hobby had a wide selection of fabrics and even a 40% off coupon.



It isn't any fun if you don't draw blood.

Onto the next next project! So many to pick from.

Lessons learned.
1. Less staples it better when using metal tacking to assemble.
2. Take as much time as needed. There is no rush.
3. Curved furniture and fabric without any stretch are hard to work with.
4. Air compressor with staple gun attachment is so so nice.

I would really love to learn more about upholstery from a professional. Anyone have contact or know of a class in the OC?