Thursday, January 29, 2009

More of Little P

I took these a few months back for Little P and came across them while finishing her editing.

Hope you like!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy MLK Day!

My sister needed a little help with the kids today so I decided to skip the cube for the day and have a playdate with the kids.

It wouldn't be a post without Ernie.  Don't break the ice Ernie!

Oh Maya you are such a pretty princess.

Me and my shadow.

Can you say faker?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ernie Bertless Knott's part 2

Ernie had so much fun at Knott's Berry Farm that I need to break the post into two posts. Here is the second part of Ernie's day at Knott's.

Another friend Ernie made while looking for Bert.  Not as hot as the leg models from the Getty, but still willing to help.  

Ernie playing King of the Mountain.   I think he had hopes of being able to see Bert. Still no luck.

After a few drinks at Knott's (coke) Ernie got a little wild and decided to take a bath in the corn dish.

Again his eyes were bigger then is stomach. When will he ever learn.

Hang'n with the ladies. Oh Ernie your such a ladies man.

Lookin for love in all the wrong places.

Yes, Ernie you are a sweetie. 

I still don't understand why he wanted to hang with the dead guy.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Ernie Bertless Knott's Berry Farm Part 1

Sad to leave his new found friends he met at the Getty, Ernie agreed to try another famous Southern California location in his search for Bert. After talking to Ernie about the many places Bert would have gone we agreed that Knott's Berry Farm was the next place to check, since Bert loves roller coasters.

Ernie was so gitty when we first got through the gates of Knott's that he wondered off and be for we knew it he was missing. So where do you go look for a missing Ernie? The Lost Children's booth of course. Ernie, you need to stay with the group and not wonder off.

Ernie decided that he need to get on the ride sooner so he decided to cut in line and stow away in a button hole.

Ernie your such a ham. He couldn't wait to have a pic taken with the horses.

Erine up to his old tricks. I tried to tell him that logs would be provided on the log ride, but did he listen.

Ernie trying to be the poster child for no smoking at Knotts.

Not able to meet the height requirements, Ernie had to stand by and watch as the rest of us rode the ride.

Mike being the good friend he is offered to take Ernie on a ride that didn't have height requirements. Thanks Mike.

Stay tooned for Part 2 of Ernie at Knott's Berry farm.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

And the winner is....

I know a few of you were thinking if I was going to ever announce the winner of my contest. (I finally got all the info.) This was a hard decision to make but I finally came to me.

And the winner of the $500 value of my photography services ($300 sitting and $200 prints) is Shyleen Davis of Costa Mesa. Shyleen was nominated by Teri Ballard who decided to nominate her in person. Thanks Teri! I know Shyleen is going to love it.

Since I don't believe in non-winners, the two runners up, who posted on the blog, you know who you are, will receive a free sitting ($300 value), a free 11x14 and a slide show of +/- 30 images from the session and my model print pricing (totally affordable) for additional prints if they choose to purchase more.

So for the runners up please contact your people and let them know what they have won and how to get a hold of me. If you would like for them to receive something a little more official please email their snail mail addresses.

thanks for playing!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cousins at christmas :)

I ran across this while filling an order and had to share.

Ernie Bertless at the Getty Part 2

As Ernie continued his search for Bert at the Getty, he ran into some trouble and met some new friends.

He looks so innocent doesn't he. I think that was the third time we caught Ernie trying to stop the tram on the way back to the parking lot.

John's inner conflict. Good or Evil?

After spending the day searching for Bert Ernie felt a little depressed and tried to hitch a ride back to Colorado with some friends he made. Poor Ernie.

This was one of the most special friends Ernie made at the Getty, lets just say she was happy to meet him. Who wouldn't be? He is a celebrity right?

Trying to hide from the rough crew at the Getty.

Getting tossed down the hill after meeting some not so nice people. I told him not to ask so many questions.

Ernie also made some friends with some leg models.

This almost got us kicked out of the Getty, Ernie the Getty isn't Sesame Street.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ernie Bertless Part 1 (Getty)

As my vacation is coming to a close I can't help thinking of the adventures I had over the past two weeks. During one adventure I ran into my friend Ernie and he explained to me how he was looking for our friend Bert. Ernie asked if I would help him find Bert. In hopes of finding Bert we checked out several popular places around southern California, as they were on vacation visiting from Sesame Street in New York.

One place we visited was the Getty. Here is some of the trouble Ernie got into.

Ernie made some friends (ladies from Colorado) while at the Getty that will be shared tomorrow.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

day trip'n San louis obispo

One of the great things about having time off is being able to see a few places on my list. Here are a few pics of a trip a friend and I took to San Louis Obispo.